Percussionist Foster Grant

After work, it was 68 degrees, and I went for a run. It was an easy 10K, and my longest run of the last two weeks. I went slow because it was so warm. And rounding one corner:

Tonight, we did a thing:

I love that movie and never could figure out why everyone in the band didn’t become a big star — except T. B. Player. That one was obvious.

There is going to be some good stuff in that account when we get it off the ground. You can just tell when you’re sitting on, and not following through with, a good idea.

What movies should we watch next for this? And should it only count if you watch the whole movie? Or could you just jump in midway through, say … Shawshank … and start chiming in about the rock hammer?

Hey, it’s spring break. These are the more-weighty-than-usual thoughts I come up with over spring break.

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