Quite certain I’ve never felt cold like this before

I went into the office because, at least it is sunny?

The feels like is the important part in that chart.

I park in a parking deck precisely one block from our building on campus. The 30-or-so feet from the parking spot to the interior stairwell in the parking deck were my first real moments of being outside this morning. The stairwell exits to the street corner as close as possible to our building. Most mornings, like today, I can cut that intersection on the diagonal and walk one block, cross one more two lane street and be inside. It probably takes only slightly more time to do it than it did to formulate and type this paragraph.

And, I’m not kidding: my lungs hurt. It is so cold I think that that bit of exposure — and I was wearing an Irish sweater under a long coat, gloves, knit cap and a scarf wrapped around my delicate, Deep South-raised face — actually physically hurt me. I felt better inside, going back out in it later in the day, that same irritation.

It is cold.

So I spent the day indoors. But at least it is sunny! Check this out:

And also these:

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