I made a friend

This is the time of year when it is cold enough to order hot chocolate:

And it is, therefore, also the time of year when you remember the problem with hot chocolate: there are no cups capable of holding the large amounts of hot chocolate required or desired.

We went to see our friends Paige and Kevin today. Paige was our wedding photographer, and the current joke is that since we took engagement photos in a 17-degree Nor’Easter and our wedding photos in something like 126-degrees heat index, then we really, really have to do something meteorologically fancy for our 10th anniversary. Fortunately, we have some time to figure that out.

Their daughter is a real cutie:

And she gave me a sticker. I’m told I am lucky because she doesn’t give her stickers away to just anyone.

Mickey and I go way back, of course, so it was a great gift.

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