Those aren’t really my style

Anybody lose their shoes in the television studio last night?

They don’t fit me, so I know they aren’t mine. What’s more, you’d think a person would notice they didn’t have these on when they stepped outside.

The Yankee and I, as we often do these days, went to Chipotle for lunch today. I get to have lunch with her two or three times a week now and that hasn’t gotten old yet, but it was time to shake up the usual. So I tried …

“My name is David if it tastes good and Juan if it is bad,” the only chatty front line worker I’ve ever met at Chipotle said.‬ ‪

“Juan if it’s good, David if it isn’t. Got it!”‬ ‪

“Hey, no …”‬

They really should let them talk to you more.

Then again, it might be hard to come up with 1,900 interesting 45-second stories per day.

It’d take me at least two minutes to explain those shoes.

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