Weekend photos passing through

Not to intrude on Catember, but this is the pup we visited with this weekend:

We were down near Louisville, where The Yankee was riding on the Ironman bike course. So we crashed with the family. And this is my step-sister’s dog.

He is a good pup.

And then on the way back to the house yesterday, we drove by ‪these corn bins in Orleans, Indiana.

It is a small township named after … the Battle of New Orleans, which had taken place just two months before this area was surveyed for a town. ‬Some 2,100 people live there, and they bill themselves as the dogwood capital of the state. John Stetson, the maker of the hats, had a house here. His wife, Elizabeth Shindler, was from Orleans and he had the place built. They call it the house that love built. And Samuel Lewis, who would go on to become important in Texas history, spent some time there as well.

Sometimes wide spots in the road are more than just wide spots.

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