Say cheese

Today I helped a few people build out some cameras. One of our classrooms had 75 brown boxes. And in each brown shipping box we found two Canon boxes. And in each of those colorful Canon boxes there were three other boxes. Those boxes contained a camera body, a lens and a microphone. And a lot of packaging.

I didn’t think to take a photo of all of the bubble wrap and cardboard and the many piles of literature. There were two manuals, a registration, a warranty and some other stuff too. This was just one pile:

It took all day and then some, unpacking, removing the tape, wrestling with, and sometimes failing to avoid cardboard cuts. Then you had to deal with each part’s individual wrapping. Then put the lens on the body, the microphone in the hot shoe, and then thread the neck strap through the body. Do all of that 150 times. It took all day. They look nice, though:

Students are going to have a lot of cool new gear this year.

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