An engagement, and a movie

So this happened in the studio the other night:

Tonight: In honor the Little 500 races, which take place tomorrow and Saturday, we are tonight watching Breaking Away.

The Yankee has never seen it. I grew up with this movie. It holds up pretty well, even if the race now seems like the weakest act of the movie.

This part is true. The part where Dave picks up the young woman’s book and chases her down has that nice little chase sequence through the campus (which isn’t shown in a logical linear order, of course). When he turns right, by the greenhouse, he’s going on to 3rd Ave. We drive that road regularly and it also seems a miracle no one gets hurt there on a regular basis.

Hey, look! That’s our building!

Here’s a slightly different perspective of Franklin Hall:

That tree is also not there.

That scene plays a lot different to me now. The whole sequence there is perfectly touching.

We’ll be at the real thing this weekend. The women’s Little 500 is tomorrow and the men’s race is Saturday.

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