In 5, 4, 3 …

I managed to step outside just in time for the clouds to roll in. But I wanted to take pictures, and so take pictures I did. Here’s Franklin Hall, from a slightly different perspective than I have shot it before. This is the place where we spend most of our time:

And here are the Sample Gates next to the building, all decorated out in bright spring landscaping:

Inside Franklin Hall tonight, in the Beckley Studios, we shot a news show tonight. And tonight’s anchors, two seniors who are now counting the days, had a little fun before they put on their serious faces:

Lawson and Neil are talented people. Neil is the outgoing station manager. Lawson is a show producer and she’s packing for a Virginia TV market right after graduation. Their colleague at one of our reporter stations is also incredibly talented. Alex may well be a star reporter in the making:

The crew also shot What’s Up Weekly tonight, and we learned all about the current events, celebrity and style happenings. Also, there was a big surprise, but you’ll have to wait until Sierra and Sheila’s show runs to see that:

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