Scenes from our weekend ride

It was lovely out on Saturday. We expected storms yesterday, but it was basically another nice day.
It was a nice day to rest and wonder what I’d done to myself the day before, and what has happened to my legs.

It was a long ride, but a slow one, is what I’m saying, and it became something of a mental slog, but the views were nice. Here are a few of them now.

About halfway through we passed this store:

That’s actually one of those little places you see on an online map only if you zoom way, way in. Needmore. I’d never heard of that until last week, so I looked it up. The story goes that an early visitor to the late-19th century settlement said there needed to be more there, and the name stuck. Still happens to be the case.

Also, turns out there are three different Needmore communities in the state. And now, the country roads and trees that make an afternoon on the bike feel so nice:

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