Friday work is easy work

This is the one where I brag about people doing extra work for no other reason than because they want to do it.

Here’s the hosts for the morning show. One of the young ladies is in the Media School. The other is a business student. She appears on two or three different shows each week. She just enjoys it, and this is a show they’ve developed this semester themselves.

Today’s guest was Mitchell Paige, who was a receiver at IU. He’s getting ready for the draft. In a few months he’ll be the guy in the NFL who is gritty, smart, has good hands, a nose for the football and all of those other cliches. Nice guy.

So, just three more people to say I knew them when, I suppose.

This evening I went over to the other studio to watch Hella Late, the evening show which is also new this term. Rob Sherrell is the host, and I will say I knew him when, too. He’s a standup comedy major. He developed the curriculum himself. And then he went out, with a small crew and found a larger crew and, together, they’ve built this show.

This is what he sees when he’s looking out to four cameras, hoping to make an audience laugh and think:

And in the next room, on a Friday night, a room full of students producing the program. They could be anywhere:

But instead of being stereotypical students on a Friday night, they are there. And that’s never not impressive to me.

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