Still looking for today’s first clever thing

Oh, look! More spring!

Snow is in next week’s forecast.

Today I worked my way through a third edit of this big document I’ve been working on this week. It describes the entire building, and part of another, and it is going to come in around six or seven pages. Also, I started writing my next paper, which will describe in just the tiniest bit of detail, one of the rooms in that building. (Clearly I’m tapped out for the evening.) That paper is currently at four pages. I hope will finish at six before I pare it down to five.

This reminds me of listening to friends in college complain about these huge four and five page papers they had to write by Monday. They had to go get to work on it, they’d say, on a Thursday night. And we journalism majors would laugh. We’d crank that out Sunday night or Monday morning.

Turned out, as you learned to write concisely, you also found that writing long was not a problem. But, then, writing long has never been a challenge for me.

Next week is Spring Break. And, as you might recall, Spring Break begins for many people early. So while the break begins next Monday, a bunch of people have already split or at the very least have that look in their eyes. Now, tonight, the basketball team is playing in a conference tournament game and Spring Break officially begins in hours. I still had a full sports crew in the studio tonight. They did a practice session.

A full crew to do a practice sports show while a big sporting event was going on and warmer environments or home cooked meals on the horizon. That’s dedication.

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