Back on the road again

We went to see the new James Bond movie late last night. Here’s my proof:

We went because some of the kids in the family just had to go see the movie. And if they didn’t they might die. As in, tomorrow. Or perhaps today. It is hard to say with Sudden Onset Bond Deprivation. So we went to the film. The kids were out before the first action sequence was over. Now, to be fair, we were at basically a midnight showing. On the other hand, these are teenagers. And we old folks managed to tough it out.

I probably couldn’t recount a lot of the plot points to you. I was awake, it just seemed an eminently forgettable film.

We got Chinese food for reasons that were almost immediately regrettable, post-Thanksgiving feast. Our fortunes:

Because philosophy cookies never sell at the same pace as fortune cookies.

We left town to this sign. And this is how you know the meme has reached pretty much all four corners of the globe. If it makes it up there … where, N.W.A was probably very late in arriving … it has made it everywhere.

And so we were back on the road today. We were doing the four hour drive at a slower rate because two teenaged boys were in the car behind us. They’re coming to spend the weekend and going to the Iron Bowl. Did I mention the cat went on our Thanksgiving tour with us?

I wonder if she’d eat turkey.

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