I’m BFFs with a cult movie star

Yesterday Variety reported that Ronda Rousey is going to play Dalton in a re-make-imagining-production of Road House. I’m the kind of guy that finds Road House on television and has to watch it. I am firmly in the camp of people that love the film. I think it was all the roundhouse kicks.

Anyway, I said this is a great thing, if they keep the “Be Nice,” speech.

Marshall Teague, who played Jimmy, the antagonist’s big heavy, favorited my tweet. And then he played along for a series of three or four more tweets. He did an interview about the news, too. This is awesome:

Teague is staying busy. He’s been doing a lot of TV and has two movies, Road to the Well and Hardin this year. Next year he’ll appear in Oil Run and Divorce Texas Style. He’s got 115 credits to his name and somehow I’ve seen a half dozen of them.

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