Catching up

The Notre Dame edition. We’re spending a lot of time behind the windshield today, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with out. Here’s more from our brief trip to South Bend.

You know of Touchdown Jesus. This is First Down Moses:


And, no, this isn’t awkward at all.

They have red squirrels on campus. Figures, since their Irish.


This is one of 12 faux fresco paintings in the Main Building. On the border of one painting there is a carefully hidden Kermit the Frog. In another, a hula dancer. These came along with a restoration at some point, as the original Luigi Gregori work dates to between 1882-1884, predating Jim Henson and discerning hula art by some time.


They all detail Christopher Columbus’ place in the American story, or one representation of Columbus at any rate. The university now takes great pains to point out that these paintings are symbolic of the predominately white perspective.

There’s no word on Kermit’s role.

Anyway. The local media came out to the tailgate to talk to some of the troops going to the game through the Gameday for Heroes program. This lady asked which team he was cheering for:


I guess she didn’t see the ND tattoo on his calf.

The blimp was there:


Michael Floyd wasted little time opening up the game’s scoring. He would finish with six catches for 78 yards, including this acrobatic score:


Air Force would try to respond with their dangerous offense. Quarterback Tim Jefferson ran the option with Asher Clark. He snapped off a nice 29-yard rush — speed to the corners was Notre Dame’s only weakness on the day — but fumbled near midfield. That would later become the Irish’s second score of the game:


Theo Riddick had eight catches for 84 yards:


And the leprechaun had a lot of work to do:


He’s just a short guy with a good beard, living the dream …


Jefferson led the Falcons with 159 total yards, a passing touchdown and another rushing score:


Finally, here’s a panorama of Notre Dame Stadium. Click to enlarge:


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