Workshop day


We had a record crowd on hand at the Samford High School Journalism Workshop. That’s our department chair, Bernie Ankney, delivering his opening remarks. Shaun Chavis, associate editor from Health magazine, provided the keynote address.

In the morning sessions we had rooms with professors and journalists discussing news writing, layout, sports writing, broadcasting and magazine journalism. One session discussed the best ledes ever written, one nominee: Bob Considine’s story on the 1938 Lewis-Schmeling bout:

Listen to this, buddy, for it comes from a guy whose palms are still wet, whose throat is still dry, and whose jaw is still agape from the utter shock of watching Joe Louis knock out Max Schmeling.

Carla Jean Whitney
talked about the gratification of magazine publication and exciting industry changes. Meanwhile sportswriter Doug Segrest of The Birmingham News does a great session on sports reporting.

I had a lot of nice conversations with teachers before lunch and then in the afternoon got to spend time with the famous Ike Pigott.


Joining him were Tatiana Richards and one of our professors, Dr. Sheree Martin, on a panel about journalism online.

We had a Pulitzer winner, Sonia Nazario, presenting in our afternoon sessions. And I presented too!

Here’s the picture of the day, though:


That’s the newest McAlister. The Yankee spent the day with him today and I got to visit for a few hours this evening. Good kid. Sleeps all the time.

They won’t put him in one of those costumes I found last night, thankfully. He’s already got an Auburn blanket. To update last night’s horror of child rearing:

Elephant costume

That landed on The War Eagle Reader this morning. They also used the capital THE in writing the credit.

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