May 15

And, now, a word from the felis domesticus lobby

Who has it better than the black cat?


Nobody, that’s who.


May 15

Photos on the go

Just a few quick snapshots from a day that started earlier than this guy:


It has been a while since I’ve been up before the sun. I have nights where I finally get to sleep when the sky is starting to lighten up, but this is different. Last year might be the last time I saw the sunrise. I did that for years when I was in the broadcast game. In the office at 4 a.m., on the air before 5 a.m. Outside, during a break, to watch orange light drench the valley. It still impresses me and makes me sleepy, each time I see it.

You sometimes see signs that you know were posted not because someone was proactive, but because some activity needed to be stopped. Usually the sign has to do with something obvious, like this one:


Clanton, Alabama doesn’t have the only peach water tank. And the seam on this one points to the highway, too:


Toll booths, the other thing that makes you notice the poor condition of the road you’re on:


Always makes me wonder where those quarters go. They sure don’t put them in potholes.

May 15

Brown shoes in my size, the second hardest thing to buy

This morning it was laundry. This afternoon it was errands. I had to buy shoes. Buying a specific kind of shoe in my size — and at a price I want to pay — is sometimes very difficult. This is one of those times. But, on the third store, I picked up some nice brown casual shoes that might feel comfortable.

Since we’ve started doing triathlons I’ve come to think of the comfort of my feet as a very important thing.

I also bought some new running shoes this week. I just eclipsed 400 miles in the old shoes and they were letting me know. Three times in a row I went for a jog that turned into an aching-calf shuffle. Well, you don’t have to tell me a fourth time. So that’s two new pairs of shoes in one week.

Didn’t get all of my errands done. The loafers took too long. So we’ll push that on to next week. Today there’s baseball. And then dinner, with friends. And we met our friend Sally Ann and her niece.


We all dined with our friends Jennie and Jeremy, who we bumped into by chance:


Oh yes, I bought a selfie stick today. You’ll soon see why.

May 15

Last day of class

Last two classes of the term today. I gave a quiz consisting of when their finals were due and so on, the traditional end-of-term easy few points. I gave my not-at-all famous end-of-term speech. The brain is like any other muscle, I say, and you must use it. In our case, write. Write for publication. Write for yourself. Just write. Writers write.

There are a few other points in that speech. Thank you for your patience, I hope you’ve learned as much as I have. (I always learn a lot, even as the person leading the room.) Deadlines matter, I remind them. And I remind them again that it is OK to be passionate about where their interests are taking them, and so on.

In the second class a student pulled up Boys II Men and I tried to hit the back post of the song with the speech.

I forgot about the last chorus and missed the post.

But the speech is good.

Afterward, as I was wrapping up still more grading and various on-campus errands I ran into one of our students who is leaving us at the end of this term. He was there with his father. The student gave me a hug and introduced me to his dad. That’s not a bad way to wrap up classes.

And I got home just in time to shoot this from the car, hustling as I was to the ballgame. There’s nothing quite so nice as a good sunset on the plain. This blurry, out of the car window, cell phone shot isn’t representative of that, but the feeling of being home can’t be described in words or pictures anyway:


At baseball, it was time for rally sunglasses. Almost everyone in our section participated:


Shame the rally sunglasses didn’t work. Ah well. Get ‘em tomorrow.

May 15

This will be quick

You know the end of the year is coming upon us when the mundane things are odd. Or is it that the odd things are mundane? Not sure. I was walking up a flight of stairs on campus and noticed that someone just left their class notes on the handrail.


I hope they were through studying them.

I thought about that for a while and then ran into one of our JMC students doing a standup in the cafeteria. I don’t think she was discussing classic liberalism. She was very animated.


Turns out someone was getting reaction to something about the cafeteria. I moseyed away.