Jul 17

A weekend in 100 words

My noggin threw me a super cool headache on Saturday morning. It was the sort of thing that turned sound up to 11 — which is better than the kind of headache where sound gets turned up to 43. Not so much loud as intense.

That was Saturday. Sunday I had a leftover headache. And I played with Allie:


And we also had company. Sally Ann and Spencer came up from Nashville for the evening. Sally Ann is a broadcast professor. Spencer is a professional newsman. We went out for dinner, watched Game of Thrones and talked all about the nerdy journalism stuff.

Jul 17

Hey buddy, can you spare a radial?

After work today I went home and wrote some things and goofed around with the impromptu studio I’m building in my home office.

After that I had to drive up to the airport to pick up The Yankee. Her flight was running late, of course, but that doesn’t mean the driver can be late.

Finally, her plane arrived. I picked her up. Bag in the backseat. Jet lagged passenger in the passenger seat. Violent flat tire before we left the airport.

I changed the tire on the side of the highway on-ramp. I put on a doughnut – an economically-driven decision that a driver never thinks about, which makes no sense when the driver actually needs to use it. And then I drove home. Slowly. Because doughnut tires.

I want a full-sized spare tire, is what I’m saying. And, also, better luck with tires.

So a late night, and it was a bit frustrating. And a little rock hurt my knee when I was jacking up the front end of my car. But, hey, my wife is back. And that’s great! Now, if my head would stop hurting, that would be even better!

See you Monday. Until then, follow along on Twitter and over on Instagram, too.

Jul 17

I had the red beans and sausage

I walked to a restaurant a few blocks from the office for lunch today. Saw these flowers in a lovely flowerbed planted at a church between here and there:

The restaurant has tabletops with giant photos of city posters or people. I always sit at a table highlighting people. This, then, is who I had lunch with today:

I’m going with Doris Day. But I’d be more than happy for someone to tell me who these people are. I’m going to feel like I should have known the answer, but there’s only so much second-half of the 20th century you can keep in your brain at one time.

Especially when your brain is hurting. My brain hurts. Or maybe just larger head part. Sinuses are now a July thing, it seems.

Jul 17

Today we went global

I sat in a chair for about an hour and moved three faders up and down at the appropriate time and listened to three ladies talk about their time in town, in the state, in the country. It was a multinational show, you see. The ladies are from Zimbabwe, Mali and Mozambique. They are here, 25 in all, from 20 African nations, young leaders in a six-week academic and leadership institute called the Mandela Washington Fellowship. It is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative.

They did two shows today and we recorded one last week. They are really passionate, thoughtful people. I’m just moving faders and listening closely. They have a lot to say. I have a lot to learn.

Here they are now, in the production booth:

The composition was a deliberate choice. I didn’t say anything, it seemed right.

I think we’re in week three of their visit. I hope I get to see them a few more times while they are in town.

Meanwhile, on the site we are returning to a dormant section of the site. We’re back to checking out historicals markers. I haven’t uploaded anything there in a little over year. The original premise of that subsection of the site was, and remains, that I would ride my bike to all of the historical markers in the county. Now, of course, I have an entire new county to explore. So here we are. You can find out all about why this building is important right here:

To see the complete list, go here. There will be more as the weeks progressed. Watch, as they say, this space.

Elsewhere, check me out on Twitter and over on Instagram, too.

Jul 17

This is going to seem sarcastic, but it isn’t

The Tour de France is on. I have turned on an inordinate amount of lights in the house. Chicken parm for dinner. I spent the evening sitting in my office recliner. Time of my life.

In my recliner, I was typing on a section of the site. Actually, I was thumbing through old books. And digging through a storage space for other books. I have a lot of books. These are my grandfather’s books. I’ve been flipping through them and reading them and enjoying the photographs and sharing them on the site. I have a big shelf of dusty old textbooks and agricultural reference books. I have a huge stack of magazines, and those will get included before too long. But, first, there’s the 1943 edition of Occupational Guidance:

There are seven more pictures just like that if you click the link above. (I’ll add a few more next week.) You can also see the growing collection here.

I also did some back end work on the site, but you aren’t interested in that and it is mostly just fun for me anyway. Also, much like people hold dear the goal of Inbox Zero, I have a similar goal for browser tabs. I’ve lately found it challenging to reach the goal numbers. (The goals are: four tabs on my computer, two tabs on my iPad and two tabs on my phone.) What, you don’t have goals like this?

The phone has reached two tabs. I’m down to just five tabs on my iPad. I was able to wipe a few off my computer, but there are still 10 open tabs to deal with. But I’m making progress. Time of my life.