Lucky for that

How was your weekend? It was a laid back few days around here, which was perfect. Every weekend between now and the end of time is booked up, so I took the restful days and counted myself lucky for the opportunity. And then something came up and one of our upcoming weekend plans change, and I’m lucky for some of that, too.

This week is laid out. There’s a lot to do, but it is all manageable. Most of my time will be devoted to … dramatic pause … grading. Tonight, in fact, one class is taking a midterm. I’ll score those tomorrow. Other classes have written assignments to work through. They take longer. But, by Friday, it’ll all be under control because the week is just long enough to accomplish these goals. And when I get done on Friday, I’ll have just enough time to prepare a lecture for Monday, and start grading additional assignments. It’s a cycle, like laundry.

But it is great! The thing that’s fun about grading subjective work, like written assignments, is that, I can offer some constructive feedback. It’ll help the students, if they read it. That’s always an open question, though. Have I convinced you of the value to read the 600 words I’ve written about your 500-word assignment?

We haven’t checked in on the cats in a few weeks. It’s the site’s most popular weekly feature, and I’ve been negligent. And don’t think Phoebe hasn’t noticed, because she has noticed.

Poseidon does not care. He just wants some attention. Everything else is fine if you’ll pet him or let him sit with you, or allow him to go through a door he’s not allowed beyond. Everything else is just fine if you’ll only notice him constantly.

The kitties, as you can tell, are doing well. The birds are working their way back to the feeder strategically placed near one of their cat trees, and so interest has picked back up on the window views. Phoebe gets milk and Poe gets attention, and so everything is just great with the cats.

Just beyond the bird feeder, that camellia I recently discovered is looking great.

You wouldn’t believe how many flowers this thing will produce.

There are several different varieties of camellias, and I have yet to figure out which one this is. But, an important part of the fun of this place is the discovery.

I showed you another video from this same place on Friday, but there’s still plenty to discover at Spooner’s Cove, a part of Montana de Oro State Park, near Los Osos, California.

I figure I have something like two dozen more California videos to share, so we’ll get a good two or three weeks out of it. Vacations should just be drawn out like that, we’d all be lucky for that, too.

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