Riding my way into a three-day weekend

I had a meeting first thing this morning. The regular monthly meeting deal. At least I can attend virtually. Pretty much downhill from there. That’s Friday heading into a three-day weekend for ya.

What the world needs now is more three-day weekends. It is a thing that there’s just too little of.

I saw a job ad today, because I spend a little time each week looking at job ads for students, that was remote, but in Washington D.C. And you had to be in the office the two core days of the week. I didn’t know what those days were, but this operation defined them as Tuesday and Wednesday. You also had to be in the office every other Thursday.

And, probably if you got into the interview process, they’ll tell you to be there twice on days heading into a full moon. But you can report to the auxiliary office on days after the stock market closes even.

Who is keeping track of these comings and goings?

Our stated policy, admittedly in a line of work that requires some human interaction, is that you can work from home one day a week, but it has to be a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. There was also a lengthy process that you had to work your way through, a policy meant to make HR happy and, possibly, to discourage the effort from anyone else. Some people take advantage. Others need to be there all of the time. There’s no equitable solution, but at least there was the effort.

Happily, the honor system is still in place, and we can all be professional about these things. Everyone wants to do the work, everyone is findable. Everything gets done. All the boxes get checked off the list, like that meeting, for instance.

Had a nice ride this evening. Sometimes I wonder if I do this just for those few minutes right after you’re done. The heart rate is still up, the endorphins are moving, but you can breathe again, and nothing has gotten sore yet. Those 10 or 12 minutes are pretty special. Anyway, I pedaled through 31 miles to start the weekend. (What a great sentence.)

My avatar was doing about 30 miles an hour there. I don’t look hardly as graceful, for whatever that’s worth. The most important thing is that I crossed off six more stages from the Zwift list. (There are 121 stages, I’m going to do 120 of them. Hopefully most of them during this offseason.) Just 92 to go.

Zwift is funny. Some of these course are realistic. Some are former world championship courses, or other famous locations in the world. Some are in the city, some in the countryside. Sometimes you see things designers included for a bit of ambiance. Like, for instance, this little stretch of one of the Makuri Islands routes. There’s that mountain off in the distance, and then, suddenly, a wild boar is running alongside.

And then, on another course, it just gets absurd. You’re riding through …

I don’t know what the legal system on the fictious Makuri Islands are like, but this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. On the tracker maps, the Makuri Islands use the Solomon Islands as a stand-in, for whatever reason. Tomorrow, I’ll be riding in the North of England.

Pretty great weekend plan, if you ask me. What are your weekend plans?

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