It’s a Tuesday, is what I’m saying

Late start to the day, but I had a nice little run late in the morning, just to get things moving. I didn’t even feel tired or sore later. Which means I’ll have to do it again, I guess. That’s something to look forward to.

Also had a late night on campus last night. There was a speaker that we streamed online, a young journalist from Afghanistan who only just barely got out of her home country when Kabul fell. Fatema Hosseini literally got out under the lash of the Taliban.

It was a compelling conversation. We streamed it to Zoom. Maybe someone will put it online one day. The school’s Facebook page, or on their YouTube account would be great places. It’d be nice to have people see that program after the fact, to refer back to it, to share it with other interested parties.

I’d like to be able to show it to you, after all, is what I’m saying.

Perhaps one day. But, today, the sky!

And we should check in on the cats. Phoebe has adjusted nicely to the milder weather and she likes being cozy under blankets.

Poseidon likes blankets, too, but he’s an even bigger fan of the ambient heat radiating away from the oven.

Goofy cat. Smart, goofy cat.

While I can’t show you what we produced last night, I can show you this video, which some of the TV students produced for the morning show.

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

Today’s look, my 2009 Canadian poppy for Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day and a very loud pocket square I made last summer.

That’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite jackets. It’s soft and supple, and pairs well with wild pocket squares and simple shirts.

And here are the cufflinks I paired it all with. Also accessories I made over the summer.

They’d look fairly dapper if anyone could see them. I need shorter arms, and longer sleeves!

It was another night in the studio, this evening. News and nothing but the news — and some sort of coffee sampler demo thing? — and that’ll all be online for you tomorrow. The IUSTV people really understand how to turn around video is what I’m saying.

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