My legs are so tired

On Saturday we rode indoors, because it was cold and rainy and just your average, underwhelming, gross Indiana April day. So we did about 26 miles in virtual northern France, instead where, according to Zwift, it is always sunny.

Yesterday we had a perfectly lovely day. So we rode outdoors for a few hours. Just after the big climb — which I’d dreaded the entire ride and before, finally, actually on the thing and tired of it, I rode a bit harder had my second best time ever on the thing — I took this photograph.

It should be noted that the climb isn’t long or especially hard. It’s the easiest real climb around here. But that doesn’t make it easy!

Somewhere after that I happened upon an opportunity to add to the Barns by Bike collection:

I don’t know why I do that, other than that barns are the right size and usually in the right kind of locale, and I move at just precisely the right speed to be able to retrieve my phone, get to the camera app and take a photo before I get by it.

Anyway, as I said, it was a beautiful afternoon yesterday. Here’s a bit of video proof.

And here’s one more shot of Lake Lemon, which we cruised by just before the “big climb.”

Now, today was a day for an easy ride. Another pleasant afternoon. I got in from campus, we sat on the lawn furniture for a few minutes and then headed out once more. Just before this photograph she said, “Where did my speed go?” And just after this photograph we turned left, and she caught some exclusive cosmic tailwind …

Bang, she dropped me. It took no longer than the time required for me to tuck my phone back into my jersey pocket.

The next part of our route offers a turnaround point and I saw her there, 4.6 miles later. By then she was riding so well I figured that would be it. But I worked hard on tired legs over the rest of the ride — managing an 18-second PR on a Strava segment and put in some ridiculous mile splits, besides — and caught her just before she turned into the neighborhood.

Tomorrow is a rest day, after three days where I asked a lot of my legs, who aren’t used to that right now. The next several days might be rest days, too.

It’s never a rest day for Phoebe. She’s doing some cat yoga here. I think this position is called “I forgot my other leg.”

And here’s a photo of a cat somewhere he shouldn’t be. Go figure.

It means a lot when we’re in one room and hear a sound from elsewhere in the house and the immediate reaction is “POSEIDON!”

It means something else when it wasn’t him and we don’t even feel bad about the verbal scolding. You figure he deserves it for something else he’s getting away with somewhere.

Which is what you should be doing, getting away with something, somewhere. But come back tomorrow for more stuff here. There will be more stuff here.

More. Stuff. Here.

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