Some pretty photos

The scene from sitting in the backyard today …

This fine day will become important later. We have three trees in the backyard that bloom. Two of them are brilliant, one is a bit shy about it. All of them will be in full-on leaf mode in just a few days. But, for now:

We went for a bike ride today, it was a terrific afternoon for it.

And here’s a two-photo installment for the irregular and not-at-all exhaustive Barns by Bike series.

Let’s check in on the cats, who are doing just fine, thanks. Phoebe is stealing a lap nap here.

She’s been sitting on this box, but now she’s discovered there’s an inside on the inside of this box.

Discovery is a fascinating thing. This one cardboard construct suddenly has many purposes! One giant leap for feline-kind. Also, I like the idea of tail-as-telescope.

Poseidon didn’t discover anything new this week. Sometimes sticking with what you know is where it’s at. He’s catching a nap on the stove cover. He knows it is warm there after you make breakfast.

He did, however, rediscover the refrigerator. He can’t get enough of it. And it’s weird. “Get out of there! But … first … let me take a picture of you.”

Wacky cat.

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