I played “Country Roads” across West Virginia

Do you know how long this drive is? Hint: the answer is, “Longer than online maps suggest.”

So this is a quick photo post. We are staying at my godsister-in-law’s (just go with it) tonight. Tomorrow, we do the last walk through on our new house, sign 1.2 million documents to make it ours, and then watch all of our stuff come out of a truck and into the house. Ya know, the easy part.

I am so tired.

When the bucket of the dozer needs a series of supports, you’re talking about some serious machinery.

Do you know what it is like to stare at your bike for nine-plus hours, and not be able to ride it?

Yes, there was a lot of traffic like that. But, then, somewhere in eastern Pennsylvania, around dinner time (because we’d driven through breakfast and lunch already, so why not?) all of the cars just disappeared. Everyone had gotten where they needed to be. That’s always a warm thought, especially when you’re not there yet. But the sun was getting low, which meant we were getting closer.

And it was good to see it in the mirror behind me.

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