Is it the weekend yet? Yes.

Back to the office today, which had an appropriate early-21st century temperature inside. Good thing, too. It was cold outside. Cold, but not as cold.

So warming?

Well, yes, but to say “cold, but warming” would seem silly.

As opposed anything else that goes on here?

I don’t know what you could be —

You’ve created a fictional construct to advance this joke.


That’s silly. And, what’s more, you’ve made me rude. I just interrupted you, after all.

I see what you mean.


You interrupted yourself for a joke. One that doesn’t have a punchline and is neither original or funny.

Yeah, OK. It was cold, but warming.

It’s going to be cold all weekend, too. And then next week we’ll see some 40s again.

Really, this whole post is filler. I received an email that my new chair was going to arrive today. This seemed improbable since I’d ordered it after hours yesterday. And then, this evening I received another email telling me it wouldn’t arrive tonight but, instead, on Monday.

Yeah, no kidding. I’ve been staring out the window at the porch all night, like a kid expecting Santa or something, but Santa was bringing me a new desk chair.

So I could write extensively about that, but I’ve already invented one character for you today. I could complain about my telephone customer service woes of the week, but that — two nice, but ultimately unhelpful people, a few hours of over modulated and highly compressed hold music and carefully recorded reassurances of my importance before being disconnected while on hold — has been done to death.

All of this just gives us something to look forward to enjoying together next week.

See you then.

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