Thursdays are the days that fall into place first

I wore an eggshell blue shirt and stuffed a bright yellow pocket square in my jacket and said “This, finally, is spring time!”

And this morning we had snow flurries. It is April. We are fools.

But it was nothing but mildly demoralizing. The day was the day and the day was gray. The Yankee and I had lunch together after her class. She returned to research, I returned to the office and, then, the studio.

The studio was full of people, a delightful condition in April. There’s always a bit of drift owing to competing interests and other jobs and so on. But we were full up tonight. Happy, energetic people making shows about sports.

We had a nice long talk after the shows, and the sports directors were a-buzz with the possibilities of what is to come. They’re thinking the right way, aiming the proper direction, and they must just have the energy for it. I told them they’re at a hinge point. Each year is an installment. In 2016 it was chaos. We spent 2017 stabilizing the thing, some positive things started happening. Then, in 2018, the students began building a lasting culture. Last year, 2019, they were working on making it professional. Today, that evolution continues.

These are small victories over the course of time, an organic thing built by dozens of people. Some of them are just names to the students doing it now. Most would be complete strangers. That’s the way of it, but it’s a great shame.

There are the tiniest little elements of a lot of people — from bits of script artifacts to music, from shot selections to graphics — built into the shows they shot tonight. Some are off working in TV across the country. Some people are at big national networks. And some are making their marks in other businesses entirely, but they were in the room too, somehow. Today’s successes from yesterday’s successes, and all that.

I’d write more, but it’d be too much and I have to be back in the studio in the morning anyway. And I’ll have some more shows to show you then.

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