Putting April behind us

And we’re wrapping up this month with a few more leftover photos from the big camera. Because it’s been that kind of week, and we’re ready to move on through it to the next week which will, no doubt, feel decidedly better for reasons that have nothing to do with any discernible, tangible reason, but nevertheless.

Today marks the beginning of my eighth week of work-from-home. And I’m very fortunate, lucky, privileged and blessed. All of those descriptors apply. But the last few days, nevertheless, have brought on a certain gauzy meh. Tomorrow I’m going to change it up, apply a shock to the system, create some momentum and power through. It’ll be great!

I just had to work through this little bit, and a lot of us did. A lot of people also didn’t have the luxury of it that I’ve had and I’m more than aware of all of that. Grace and patience were my two words at the beginning. I hope I’ve practiced that as it pertains to others, and this week I’m applying it to myself. Next week, all systems go.

Anyway, a few photos. This one is definitely getting used again, probably:

I took this one, and re-sized it and put it here, just because I love what a proper camera can do with the depth of field. My phone’s camera won’t do that. Yet.

Flower budding from a tree? Have to take a picture of that. It’s the rule.

And I will see you all tomorrow, next month, May.

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