My lovely weekend

We went for a run on Saturday, it was a perfect spring day in the south. I do miss it.

I did 3.1 miles out.

The middle of the dam, just a few yards farther up, was my turnaround point, after which I retraced my shuffling, jogging steps and called it an honest 10K. I had good splits, but that rainbow was the best part. The government started building that dam in 1918; it took a century to make that rainbow.

The spillways were wide open, and apparently have been for days. The region has been overwhelmed with rain and apparently right now there more water is coming through the dam than what goes over Niagara Falls. (We did a little research and math on that. If the TVA numbers are right, then

Anyway, the company was lovely, a birthday was quietly and then we had to drive all the way back yesterday.

It was worth it to see the spring.

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