It’s a Southern thing

I was at the IGA, which is smaller and less clean and more homely and more like home than the ridiculous Kroger — which is too large and not at all convenient and full of thoughtful staff members. You can get some things at the IGA that you can’t get at Kroger. Things from home. And sometimes that’s important. It is a few extra miles away, but for a few things, it is worth it. And I’d rather spend 15 more minutes in the car than 10 minutes in the Kroger.

This is a sophisticated mathematical formula, the IGA ratio. I’m honing in on the proper number, but it is at least 33 percent.

Anyway, I was talking with a lady in the checkout line and it turns out that she had just discovered the joys of Moon Pies. See? Things from home. I told her to pair it with an RC Cola. I hope she takes me up on it.

Sadly, grocery store checkout lines being what they are, I’ll probably never see that lady again, which is a shame. I’d like to know if she remembers that conversation at a place and time when she can get the delicious pride of Chattanooga, Tennessee and the tasty pride of Columbus, Georgia and pair them together. I’d like to know if she takes the advice of a stranger, who might have just put a little more southern in his tone when he talked about it. And I wonder what she might think of the experience.

It’s a Southern thing. Try it.

(RC Cola was owned by Snapple, but was acquired by Cadbury in 2000. So now the pride of Columbus, Georgia is now one small part of a UK portfolio. Cadbury’s parent company is Mondelez International, which is a multinational based in Chicago, which is closer to that particular IGA than Columbus, by about five hours.)

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