How long was that mission, again?

I don’t know how this took so long to make, but it was worth the wait.

The original Trek, of course, came out in 1965. I always wonder about period camp, but now that things I grew up with are … ahem … of a certain age, my eternal questions of dramatic portrayals and television campiness seem only more unanswered.

Next Generation landed on Fox in 1987. I remember reading about it in a TV Guide before it came on. I was old enough to appreciate the original show in syndication and now, there would be this new show. It launched 22 years after the original. We are now farther away from the beginning of TNG than Patrick Stewart was from William Shatner. Even Voyager made it to air in less than three decades from the original show. And we are, today, sneaking up on the 30th anniversary of The Final Frontier. Meanwhile, people are waiting to pay for a streaming service for a new Trek property.

None of this timing feels hardly likely. But we must ask ourselves, which 30-year span of time between now and then has seen the biggest changes in the storytelling we watch?

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