There is no such thing as too many cameras

We’re still working on those cameras. It turns out that preparing 150 of these things takes some time. Tomorrow they’ll be barcoded. At some point they’ll get put into The System. We’ve put them together in a room that is ordinarily an 18-computer classroom. And the finished cameras fill up all of the tabletop space in the room. Here’s a small sample:

One hundred and fifty cameras. We found that you could get into and out of one box in about eight minutes. You could get six or seven ready, then, per hour. That’s if your fingers were behaving at the time which, for me, is something easier said than done.

Saw these Black-eyed Susans at lunchtime today:

At which point we could discuss the passage of time and the second half of summer and the early hours of August and what comes next. But it is a beautiful day and the flowers are still showing off. There will be time for all of that later, it is inevitable. Enjoy the sunshine, he says to himself, knowing one day it might take.

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