Moving my feet in little circles

Slept in. Long lunch with a friend. And then we rode our bicycles around town.

I had little stretches where I pedaled at 30 miles per hour on flat terrain. If only I could do that over time. And hills.

Ahh, but the hills weren’t bad today. Sometimes it feels like my bike is fast for me, or smart enough for me. Sometimes I feel like it is weighing me down — which is really more about me than the bike. But every once in a while it feels like the bicycle is pulling me over the hills.

That has happened to me twice. It is as close as I may ever get to La Volupte, and that’s fine, because it is a nice feeling on its own.

It was the longest ride I’ve done since we rode in Ireland. (Isn’t that a great sentence?) It is the longest ride I’ve done at home since May. That must be remedied.

But it was a lovely day for it. Just the sun and the trees and the sweat and that one SUV I chased for a long while.

Also, I hit a round number on my odometer. I haven’t posted one of these in a while:


That number should be much, much higher.

Veggie pizza for dinner. Bruster’s ice cream for dinner. Someone brought their well behaved dog, and we learned that Bruster’s gives a little free cup of vanilla to pups that are visiting. Tell all the pooches you know.

Lovely day. They should all be just like this one. Hope yours was even better.

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