Doing back handsprings

I want to do a paper on Jon Stewart as the media’s ombudsman.

One day I’ll tell of my interview with CNN. It was enlightening.

So this young lady lost her leg in a car accident. Now she’s doing back handsprings:

“I get chills thinking about it now,” said White. “When you see a young lady go through what she went through and not just recover to lead a “normal” life, but to also get back to where she was as an athlete, there are no words to convey how it made me feel.”

There is video. And that’s the second cheerleader with a prosthetic I’ve seen now. Perhaps there are others, but they all suggest the same thing; we live in the future.

I wrote this two years ago today for The War Eagle Reader. Lt. Dean Hallmark would be 99 today.

You can grow from any story you write, but this one even more so. We made two nice friends out of the deal, Adam Hallmark, who was my source, and his significant other. Not bad for an afternoon spent writing in the recliner.

I’m listening to the scanner feed from Boston tonight. I miss scanners. But this is not the night to miss them. Apparently a significant portion of the country had the same idea. There are reportedly more than 80,000 leaning in to their computer speakers after the terrible shooting at MIT, the carjacking, the chase to Watertown “definite hand grenades and automatic gunfire” and whatever horrendous thing comes next.

Here is a map roughly approximating tonight’s events:

People listening in are learning that police work isn’t often like what we see on television. Maybe this terrible thing will end soon.

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