Catching up

Another beautiful day here, how has your weekend turned out? Hope the weather is lovely, hope you got a dose of this. I hope you don’t mind if we hang on to it for, roughly, ever.

This is the day on the site where I throw a bunch of pictures on here that haven’t otherwise been featured from this week. Sometimes there is context, sometimes there is a theme. Often they are just pictures I thought were worth uploading. Enjoy!

The bird feeder has attracted a couple of sets of cardinals. And now we’ll find out how territorial they are:


Fans at a baseball game. The little one needs a bit of directional practice, but she’ll get there.


They thought it was beach night at the park and so a dozen or so college kids blamed her for talking them into wearing their floral prints. Turns out she was unjustly accused. It was beach night. No one else knew it:


The guy that made our cable and Internet problems all better. For now, at least:


I do a lot of pictures of the cat, so I thought I’d show her off as a watercolor. I was pecking away at something in the library and she was fascinated by the dramatic bird chatter going on just beyond her reach:


You want fries with that? At Publix:


A sliver of the moon. Jupiter and Venus were shining brightly over it, but the photographs didn’t do it justice. Mine never do:


Freshman Daniel Koger threw three perfect innings today against LSU. He had three unearned runs given up behind him, but he had another solid outing today:


Aubie is looking for a series sweep:


But he would not find it. For the third game in a row LSU-Auburn was in doubt until the last pitch, this one. Kody Ortman had the unenviable task of being put in as a pinch hitter. With the tying run on first Auburn took out a guy that was 2-3 on the day and batting in the .330s for a cold player with about half his average. Ortman hit it well, driving the ball crisply into centerfield:


… but the ball was caught, the game was over. LSU avoided being swept by Auburn for the first time since the Reagan administration with the final, 4-3.

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