8! (Eight!)

The weather is changing. The sun is glowing, but diminished. The winds, coming from all directions, feel just a little bit bitter. The days are shorter. The nights are still growing longer. But the weather is variable just now. The forecasts show the 40s one day, the 60s the next day. We’re in that moment where a sunny 50 feels nice, but an overcast 50 feels intolerable.

Pretty soon I’ll have to rotate over to indoor hobbies.

Good thing I have a lot of things on the indoor hobby Want To Do list.

Today, like many days, the list was mostly focused on school work. Part of that time was involved with grading midterms. My class did well, I’m happy to say. Either they are brilliant students or I should make harder exams. Maybe I’m a good instructor. Probably the former.

But, it occurs to me, there’s a way I can frame this in class that allows them to make the distinction themselves. And there’s a way I can frame it that they feel inclined to say it’s me.

It’s not, of course.

I was very pleased with this, though. I asked them to list something we’ve discussed in class that they feel needs further clarification. That got me a few interesting replies, which should give us something to start our conversation on Monday.

After the day’s school work was done, it was time to hit the bike. It was time to layer up and hit the bike. I had on the usual bib shorts, of course. Over those I wore my one pair of Pearl Izumi long pants. Those things are so great. Fleece lined. Warm and windproof. They’re season extenders.

I also had on my cycling jersey, a lightweight pullover, which I probably should have left at home, and a windbreaker. I had gloves on my hands and wool socks on my feet.

On my socks I went old school: bread bags to keep out the wind. Turns out that actually works. It was about 70 minutes, just before I got there, and not too far from the end of my ride, before my feet felt any chill.

They’re colder sitting in my office, right now, than they were on the bike. In wool socks. And bread bags.

It was a regular route ride, one I timed well with the day’s fading light. That part was fortunate, considering I’m riding a bit slow right now, and with good reason! Today’s ride equaled my personal best in terms of longest consecutive days riding. That mark, be it ever so humble, was one I set in 2016. I’m only seven years older (and slower!) now. So my legs are tired. I’ll take a day off soon.

When I got in, it was just starting to turn chilly, owing to the disappearing sun. I checked the weather.

Sometimes the apps are misleading.

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