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First thing this morning it was into the studio. The morning crew had a program to shoot. An interview, stuff going on about time, a little feature on alumni, and so on. It’s a tight little show and it’ll be out on Monday.

They also produced the new show, Behind The Curtain. It features an interview with a short film director. The project they are highlighting in the new episode is a send off of 1960s and 1970s horror movies. That’s not my genre, but the interview made it sound interesting. So I’ll be watching that at some point next week.

But until then, you can check out …

Professor Laura Littlepage has been studying rural homelessness in our neighboring county. As in so many things, the circumstances and the stakes and the solutions are different in urban and rural contexts. So when I found this study I was immediately interested in learning more.

There’s a story in that conversation about a person living in a trailer that slide into a creek. Then the trailer had to be hauled out of the creek. There are stories about people living in tool sheds out back of someone else’s house. And there’s a story about someone living in an outbuilding without the owners’ knowledge. That’s no way to live. One of the big takeaways is that it’s hard to understand the true scale of the problem — that community leaders themselves struggle with that — and it’s difficult to do much about it until you do. It’s an interesting interview, if I do say so.

Which gets us caught up with everything for the day. I think I’ll have a seat and try to do as little as possible for a day or so, which means …

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