Catching up

Here are just a few photos to get us started on the week. May yours be productive, but not overly busy!

We had a nice long walk this weekend. Here we are walking on the path to be paved later.

There’s a nice wide asphalt pedestrian/cycling path on either side of that section, and the connection would be logical, if not inevitable. The paths are one of the more attractive local features, but, sometimes, when we’re on this section, I wonder if maybe we’d all prefer to leave the occasional stretch in this well-maintained condition.

Some of the hardwoods are getting ready to go.

It’s both beautiful and distressing, really.

Equally distressing, I just noticed that we did not check in on the cats last Monday. It’s only our most important weekly feature! Shame on me.

Phoebe didn’t remind me to put up the pictures. That was the problem. She was too busy relaxing around the fireplace.

And Poseidon didn’t point out the oversight after the fact, either. He was too busy hiding out under the stove cover.

I built this when Phoebe and Poe came into the house because they are young and all over everything — Poseidon in particular. We were concerned they would walk over the stove top and singe their pads. I built it a little high, so heat could escape, but also so the top would be level with bar behind the stove. Both cats love to lay on it, which we allow. Poseidon especially loves it after a meal has been made. He enjoys the warm.

And now he’s figured out how to get under the thing.

He’s a toddler who will never grow out of it, I’m convinced.

But they’re both going to have a great week, and we all hope you do, too.

Catch ya tomorrow. Until then, did you know that Phoebe and Poe have an Instagram account? Also, don’t forget my Instagram. And keep up with me on Twitter. There are also some very interesting On Topic with IU podcasts for you, as well.

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