Moving fast

Some days feel like they take forever. Others have the grace to seem to fly right by. And wouldn’t you like to have a few more of those in the middle of your week?

Today seemed to last about 45 minutes. People came into the studio to shoot a quick thing. It’s a blip for a commercial they’ll use at football games next fall. Took longer for everyone to get set up than for them to shoot the small portion they needed today.

We were simultaneously setting up some other big final project program. It went off without a hitch because smart people made it happen. I know, because I watched them do it.

And, after it was over, and after we tore it all down, it was almost time to call it a day. There was just enough time to sit down and catch your breath.

Oh, here’s a brief video from Monday:

And here are the shows the students produced last night.

The anchors of Hoosier News Source are graduating seniors. They’ve been a part of this since their very first day on campus.

There’s still time to flunk them in some class or another, so they have to stick around.

These things come to mind from time-to-time, that’s all I’m saying.

The young woman on the left is also graduating. She’ll be working on air in Green Bay in a few weeks.

Green Bay, market number 67, is a second-job market, traditionally. We’ve put three graduates there fresh out of school in the last year. We’re cultivating a lot of talent around here. Don’t think we don’t brag about this sort of thing frequently.

And, tomorrow, we’ll shoot the last sports shows of the year.

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