The trick of time

There are 24 pieces in this project I’m working on — the project that will never end. On Tuesday I sanded down the last of the eight long pieces. It’s all been under 400-grit sandpaper now. There are 16 shorter pieces. I’ve gotten to know all of them down to a 400-grit, as well.

So, today, I started sanding the ends. There are 48 ends, some will be visible in the final build. All will be exposed, but above or below eye level, or near a wall. But because they’ll be exposed I want them to take the ends to an even smoother finish, so today I began applying a 600-grit wet/dry sand paper to the ends.

The right side of each of these pieces has seen 600. The left side will be a joint, and no one cares. The 600 side, though, will feel like a sheer furniture grade finish when it’s done. (When it’s done. Hah!) Sheer, that is, if the stain can get in to the pores. If I haven’t closed all of the wood pores on those pieces.

I am now down to working on the last 12 pieces. This involves going through individual dry fits, a final inspection for splinters (after a 400-grit sanding, mind you) filling any awkward spots that don’t look solid and, finally, sanding the ends of those dozen pieces with 600. Then I have to clean all 24 pieces of wood and stain the thing. After the parts are finished, of course, it must be put it all together.

I’ve been hoping it all fits together for a long time now. It better all fit together.

Anyway, a bit closer to finding out.

The trick is putting in the time to do it.

That’s the trick of everything, isn’t it?

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