A little weekend listen

Ahhh, the weekend. You’re upon us once again and you feel exactly like last weekend, which is also to say you feel exactly like Monday through Friday.

Normally there are the rituals of your week which help delineate your work week from your time off. Mine have now been reduced to … turning off Slack, closing the browser tab containing the work email and walking downstairs. Most importantly, for two wonderful days, I’ll have one less tab open.

So what’s up for your weekend? I’ll go on a bike ride and have Chick-fil-A — curbside takeout, of course. I still don’t think the local store is offering dine-in services, which is more than fine. I’ll spend some time reading and re-reading the county’s mask mandate. There are 12 bullet points worth of exceptions to the mask mandate and it’s a four page document, which is a lot of words to say “Wear a mask.” Also we’ll largely be staying inside since the heat index will be reaching the triple-digits for both Saturday and Sunday. So, yeah, the weekend will be spent trying to find ways to make this weekend unique from the last few, which I’ve basically described, in toto, in this paragraph.

Today, though, well, today was nice enough. I got to meet a professor who had just turned in her tenure packet. It was almost time to celebrate. But first she had to record an interview with me.

We talked about not-for-profits and what’s going on in that sector of the economy when the economy is in the shape it is currently in. It turns out, quite a bit is going on. You should give it a listen. It’s a fun and informative little program. And quite helpful if you’re looking for a new volunteer project.

What are you looking for this weekend?

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