If the photos don’t make sounds the podcast will

Remember how, a few days back I said I had to catch up on photos that I’d taken on my DSLR? We’re back to doing that today. These next few photos are from a walk we took … I dunno, three lifetimes or two weeks ago. Forgive me. I seem, today, to be having the day that a lot of people have been struggling with for the last four or five weeks. It’s something you bounce back from sooner or later, I’m sure.

Anyway, some version of a few of these are going to get used elsewhere on the site. (There are big plans! OK, average-sized plans. Alright, alright, very small plans with no real import at all.) Let’s see how they look!

Neighborhood trees in full bloom:

And I think we found our winner from that batch.

And some dandelions in the yard. This is a tough head-to-head competition here:

I know which one I think, but what about you?

Today on the show we talked computer and network and data security with Andrew Korty, who has the title chief information security officer. It’s easy to imagine a person with a title like that standing behind the captain on the bridge and scowling, but that’s just television. Andrew probably just has three or five computer monitors and a lot of blinking lights and some operating software that doesn’t exist beyond a television set.

I learned some things in there, and you might too. Primarily that I am supposed to pay attention to my IT experts. Who knew?

Won’t you give it a listen?

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