It’s a site day

We’re once more spending today with my grandfather’s books. Specifically his old magazines. We Reader’s Digest, and today we’re continuing our gander at a few of the ads from this third issue of Reader’s Digest, the October 1966 issue. There are five images to check out today. And if you click on this one we’ve already seen, you’ll get the updated joke, and can skip forward from there to today’s additions.

If you’d like to check out all of the stuff I’ve posted from my grandfather’s books so far, start here.

And that link makes me realize I need to update the page so if you’ll pardon me for one second … (which turned into six minutes of fun with CSS) … there!

Well … you know how it goes. You start playing with one bit of code then you realize how fun that can be, so you roll up your sleeves and start back working on some other page you’ve put on the back burner.

And so, tomorrow, if everything works out, I’m going to roll out the new mobile version of the website. So it’s a site day. What’s in your sites?

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