Burrrrrrrrrrrow under all of the blankets

I forgot to add this picture to yesterday’s post.

This was early in the game, and at the community workshop. I spent about six hours that night on an antique jointer cleaning up the ends of the slats that would become the desk. I don’t think I ate dinner that night, since it was about midnight when I was finished, but I did stop by a drug store and got water and milk and gatorade. My hands felt weird for days. And it somehow doesn’t look like a lot, but there’s a whole lot of sawdust there.

Anyway, that was in the fall. This is today:

Cold, but sunny. But cold. But sunny! It isn’t quite the ideal circumstance, but it is sunny. I don’t want to overstate it, but I did see a guy slicing open a tauntaun just off campus this morning. The windchill was seven below this morning.

And I have pictures to prove it, and I’ll share those tomorrow, when my fingers thaw out.

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