Hey buddy, can you spare a radial?

After work today I went home and wrote some things and goofed around with the impromptu studio I’m building in my home office.

After that I had to drive up to the airport to pick up The Yankee. Her flight was running late, of course, but that doesn’t mean the driver can be late.

Finally, her plane arrived. I picked her up. Bag in the backseat. Jet lagged passenger in the passenger seat. Violent flat tire before we left the airport.

I changed the tire on the side of the highway on-ramp. I put on a doughnut – an economically-driven decision that a driver never thinks about, which makes no sense when the driver actually needs to use it. And then I drove home. Slowly. Because doughnut tires.

I want a full-sized spare tire, is what I’m saying. And, also, better luck with tires.

So a late night, and it was a bit frustrating. And a little rock hurt my knee when I was jacking up the front end of my car. But, hey, my wife is back. And that’s great! Now, if my head would stop hurting, that would be even better!

See you Monday. Until then, follow along on Twitter and over on Instagram, too.

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