Catching up

Just a bunch of pictures I haven’t found a good place for this week. Of course these are all from New Orleans, from which we returned this evening.

Leading off, here’s a great old ghost sign on Decatur Street. It was a product that was the brainchild of Isaac Emerson (1859-1931). He was a chemist, invented a headache powder, was a captain of the Maryland Naval Reserves and served as a lieutenant in the Spanish-American War. He ran a drug company, a chemical company and built a hotel. Bromo-Seltzer, his headache powder, is still available today. It is marketed as an antacid. This seems to be the sum of the surviving common knowledge of the drink in the ghost sign. Here’s someone trying to recreate the drink.


Gaston, the gator, outside of Huck Finn’s Cafe:


Our hotel, the Sheraton on Canal Street, is home to a Steinway ‘Blue Dog Piano,’ honoring the late George Rodrigue. The hotel also has a gallery of some of his other Blue Dog prints and there’s one original on loan there as well. The 1913 Steinway Model A grand piano, is on display at the Sheraton for the next two years. So it was weird when we came down one morning and the piano was gone. It goes on tour with some of the LSU musical performers.


This statue of Louis Armstrong is also in that hotel. I wonder what notes he is about to play:


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