Catching up

That one day a week where pictures that weren’t previously good enough now steal the show. Enjoy.

Nathan Troost, a Samford alum, came back to campus to talk to my students about his company, Lantern Vision. He does great work. You should check it out. He did a great job in the class today. He always does a great job. One of those types, and a very nice guy.

Just some light reading I’m doing:

Wysteria in Opelika:

About a year-and-a-half ago or so I was right about where that car is down the road and had the best moment on my bike. I wasn’t moving especially fast, or perhaps not even especially well, but it felt terribly free. It was, I hope a fraction of la volupte. This picture is from Monday, when I rode out that way again:

My first dogwood blooms of the season. Spring. Finally:

We don’t have a lot of windy roads that go up, so you’ll let me pretend this gentle little thing is a great climb, won’t you? The last three shots are all from my adventure that turned into my first photo essay under the Big Stories section.

Our breakfast on Friday. It was delicious. I want some more now.

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