Catching up

The weekly post of pictures that holds us over until Monday.

So she went from “I don’t know if I should enter for any races” to “I’ll sign up for one event” to “I signed up for three” before finally saying “I’m doing a leg in a relay as well.” And she got two first place spots, one second place and one third.



Cereal in the Caf at Samford. I should eat Fruit Loops every day. I don’t:


We joined some of our friends for sushi the other night. OK, I watched. On the table when we got there was this ceramic carafe:


I shot a video on my phone the other day. Maybe I’m the only iPhone user that has had this problem, but occasionally the camera settings are on still when I’m aiming for video. The result is usually some poorly composed shot. But this one, this one made it into the actual video:


Are you following AU Sunsets on Tumblr? You should be? We have some of the best sunsets in the world. For example. this one is over Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park:


The Tiger Prowler is moving again! Oh wait. This is the Tiger Prowler II. Or is that 2.0? The original, which looked slightly more like a touring bus, was sold. So hard to keep these things straight. Also, I don’t know why they started adding a three on the roof and then quit. And while I applaud their zeal, I am certain I’ll never climb on the plywood porch, for safety reasons:


We hosted Liam and his parents for dinner tonight. What a cute kid. Great family. I held him more. When The Yankee held him he cried. I was decent enough to not point that out more than two or three times. That’s what she gets for winning all of the ribbons:


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