Catching up

The Sunday installment that is long on pictures! And sometimes there is even context!

OK. The context is that these pictures are holding serve for Sunday. I pressed the shutter button recently and didn’t have anywhere to put these pictures, but I still wanted to share them. Better than writing about football, which I’ll do below anyway.

This guy ran up on the back porch one day recently. Not sure what he was looking for. Of course I couldn’t get the cat to pay attention. Maybe that’s a good thing, since she wouldn’t have had idea how to react to seeing this:


Last weekend I took this picture of my lovely wife. Behind her you can see the picture of a young man who is trying to wear her number:


Here is a pepper. We got it out of a basket of locally grown veggies lovingly assembled by hand. Now we need to find a recipe that calls for one red bell pepper. Did you know that Christopher Columbus is who we blame for the inaccurate name? Or that this thing is loaded with vitamin C? Or that the test can depend on growing conditions like soil and when it is picked and how it ripens? Wikipedia taught you that:


Breakfast! We love breakfast at the Barbecue House: The secret is the bacon, I think. Yes. The secret is always the bacon.


Cam Newton, when he scores touchdowns in the NFL, gives the ball to kids in the stands. Sometimes it is a Christmas miracle. Today, just another day of a kid wearing an Auburn hat and Carolina teal and getting something great to talk about in school tomorrow. And that’s the only excuse for this color scheme:


We blew a bulb in the kitchen. The Yankee, who’s never been a fan of the style of lights that were in the kitchen, bought some new ones. The box says “natural light.” When they get warm, they are supposed to radiate us with 1080 lumens, which is how lights measure horsepower.

I measure it this way: If I turn on the lights in our kitchen and the lights dim at the Eagles game in Philadelphia, these are plenty bright.


Now we can see everything in the kitchen. So we’ll invest in more 409 …

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