Sluggish Saturday

Woke up not feeling well and it took several minutes to shake the full body of numbness. It took longer still to shake the aches and several hours to defeat the headache.

And then we went shopping for a Christmas tree. It is now installed, the floor littered in needles. Already we’ve vacuumed once. I’ll probably make another pass before turning in this evening. The lights adorning the tree are all a-twinkle in the library. The many pounds of seasonal decoration are being installed throughout the house.

The two miniature trees are on display. They are out because we have them and we can. One is traditional, a small plastic tree that The Yankee bought years ago when she was in an apartment. She was very sad because she likes real trees. Now that tree holds all of the ornaments that make up our time together. I make a few new ones every year. We’re about to outgrow that little tree.

The other miniature has been decorated as a kitschy joke. The tree was made by my grandmother a few years ago. She crafted it from half-a-dozen wire coat hangars, a big roll of garland and some hot glue. Easy to make, perfectly shaped and now covered in stuff that should never be on a football tree, it is the perfect tertiary tree.

One year we’ll probably have a tree in every room. Just not a real one, we have needles a-plenty already.

The house smells deliciously of wintergreen and potatoes. We had steak tonight. Also, it smells of winter here. A chill is in the air — 34.5-degrees of as of this writing. You love seeing decimals in your temperatures. Someone at the local National Weather Service office is in serious denial about what is happening. “It isn’t 35, it is 34-and-a-half. That’s almost 36!”

It dipped into the 30s last night, but we’d returned home from the Iron Bowl celebration when it was still 40 degrees which, as the NWS man would point out, is better than 39.

Here are the last of my videos from last night. I recorded a bit of Toomer’s Corner just for the ambiance of those who couldn’t be here. Enjoy.

I think those are a nice postscript to the description I wrote last night.

This last one is of the 12-0 Tigers returning home after defeating Alabama across the state. You can tell in some of their reactions that they were a bit surprised to see such a reception. This will probably be the start of a new tradition that, while chaotic last night, will be down to a smooth operation before next year is over.

The War Eagle Reader picked that up as well.

Tomorrow: back to studying full time.

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