One more little Wonder Woman thing …

“Wonder Woman (2017) has been one of the most lucrative entries in the recent superhero film canon. With a female lead and director, it has also proven a rich text for feminist analysis. Here, the film’s engagement with questions of gender, aesthetic judgment and disability is explored through the lens of feminist geopolitics, and connected to the alignment between immorality and disfigurement in Hollywood more broadly. It is suggested that aesthetic value is used in the film as a key organizing principle for spatial and geopolitical claims. Through this analysis, the paper suggests the potential for further studies of disability, including disfigurement, in popular geopolitics.”

I’m just saying there’s a whole bunch of Wonder Woman scholarship, some of it is quite interesting.

No one that worked in pulp and ink in the 1930s and 1940s figured that work would have this kind of longevity, or inspire such devotion. How could think that? They didn’t have time to consider it. There was always the next issue to produce.

I wonder if you had some of those old authors still around, what would be the reaction to the ever-expanding things being written about their work? There’s a wide range of possibility, from ‘That was exactly the point,’ to ‘I hadn’t thought of that at all.’

And you’d know whether they meant it or not if the minor villain in the next issue was some hastily cobbled together BookWerm, or the hero or heroine just had to make a tough choice and the frazzled, frumpy, harried professor just couldn’t be saved …

Comic book writers and illustrators being among that ink-by-the-barrel class, after all.

I saw this at the end of my run this morning. If it is out-of-focus it is because I was still trying to catch my breath.

Three Zoom meetings this morning. Three all in a row. The third one sprung up in the middle of the second one. One of those sorts of days.

Later there was an impromptu hallway meeting about an earlier meeting.

Make sure they get their money’s worth on meetings, I always say.

Right after that I ran into a woman who was in the office probably for the first time since last spring. She’s due to retire soon. I asked her if she was counting the days. And what day was her last day and all of that.

Tuesday. Her last day is next Tuesday.

She’s getting the three-day weekend out of the deal, and that’s brilliant.

I asked her what she’s going to do, and what she’s going to do first. On Wednesday, she said, she won’t be doing much. But on Thursday she is babysitting the grandchildren. So her kid will let her have one whole day off before she starts her new role as a doting and omni-present grandmother.

This, I think, is why she lined this up to take the three-day weekend.

Anyway, she’s a delightful lady and always wears a great big warm smile and I’m both jealous of her Wednesday plans and sad to see she’ll be leaving. There should be a send-off, you’d think. But these days being these days, perhaps not. Perhaps that’s the way she wanted it.

Either way, terrific use of the Memorial Day weekend on her part.

I stopped to pick up some plywood this evening. It has gotten terribly expensive at the waste pile at the condo construction site near the house.

Not sure what I’ll do with these off cuts, but they’ll find some use. And that’s part of what my weekend will be, sifting through and organizing a bit of the lumber in the garage. I did this just a few weeks ago and I’ve no idea where anything is. Couldn’t draw you a mental map if you made me. “The wood? Oh, it’s over there. An extra piece, behind the good stuff … ”

So maybe I’ll return things to their previous level of disorder.

And though I am already making such ambitious Monday plans I assure you we will be in the office and also here tomorrow with … something.

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