Cough and sniffle

The answer to yesterday’s question, of course, is neither new or original. But it is highly specific, and the reiteration of it here is, in of itself, an indictment. That answer is: we’ve run out of ideas.

Why, yes, there was an idea factory in St. Louis once upon a time, but a downturn in the economy wiped out all the big thinkers. Well, the ones with experience, anyway. You can always hire younger, less wisened and hardboiled thinkers. And so they did. Once those people got settled into their offices — by which we mean new, open floor plan with first-come, first-sat bean bags — they put their heads together and came up with this.

“Let’s just talk about what celebrities are saying on their Instagram stories!”

And, thus, all of the good ideas were gone. Like the clean water, and many people’s pensions and their faith in institutions.

I’ll try to come up with another answer about this later in the week, too. Maybe I’ll have an idea.

Anyway, another gray day has passed. Or so I’m told. I spent it all under the cold and caring embrace of fluorescent bulbs. The high, the weather sites tell me, was 34. The condition, I’ve been assured, was cloudy throughout.

I don’t know if you make prop bets on anything, but I — a person with no interest in gambling about anything — have recently learned of their existence. A radio show was talking about the over/under on the Super Bowl’s national anthem and someone mentioned this phrase, “prop bets” and so, of course, I had to google it. And now I feel much like a veteran bookie. Anyway, if you’re into prop bets, just bet that it will always be cloudy here, until about, April. You’ll win far more than you’ll lose, and the numbers will work out for you in the end, if you can get someone to take the action.

The forecasters are teasing us with unseasonably warm temperatures and possibly a glimpse of stellar fusion over the weekend. They’re also promising ice crystal precipitation before then.

My especially good cheer has to do with trying to avoid another cold. I had three or four days at the beginning of the year wishing for an end or change of symptoms. Things got better, and several days later the cough and lingering head cold side effects snuck away. Now, they are coming back. It starts with the itching throat — so if I’m not saying much, that’s why — and, after several days of being tired and yet unable to sleep well, it will end with me taking a lot of zinc and vitamin C and feebly conceding which symptoms I would keep, if I could just breath or not cough or whatever is vexing me the most. It isn’t the flu, but it isn’t fun.

We’ll have some more fun, tomorrow, though.

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