Feb 17

What’s in the middle? Eh, there was a cookie at the end

Thursdays … where do they go? I’m really not sure. They start here and end there and stuff surely happens in between, but a lot in the middle doesn’t seem to stand out for some reason. Strange.

On the one-block walk from the parking deck to the office this morning, I saw this:

A video version of this is now the background video of my home page. See it, as no one says, before the snow melts. Because who knows what will replace that video, or when. I’m trying to keep them somewhat topical, and weather is as good an indicator of that as anything else. And right now the weather is changing a bit. Snow one day, almost spring the next, and so on. All of that is better than being in the single digits, so don’t take it as a complaint. But if we hit, and stayed, in the 60s that wouldn’t be so bad, either.

Do you like those videos? I do. They’re a lot of fun and easy to make. There’s some trick to quality I need to resolve, but we’ll get there.

I didn’t spend anytime in the television studio, as I do a few days a week. The show I watch was being produced at the basketball coliseum, where the good guys lost a rivalry game. Here’s the show to tell you all about it:

So, instead, I went to this panel:

Because it seemed like the sort of thing I’d be interested in, right?

Also, when I got there, I saw that they had cookies.

Jan 17

Notions of time

I was going to write more, but the day got away from me. The days all get away from us from time to time, even as we know the days are always going some way or another. That’s the thing about us, we can seize the day, occasionally, if we are so inclined. But we can never grab the day and hold onto it. Not for very long anyway. I assume this has something to do with how our brains perceive time. We’re flowing through it, or it is flowing around us or some thing or another and the net you are holding isn’t woven with small enough mesh. Or some such.

But, hey! I did entirely rework a page on the site you’ll never see! And I found two or three things there that I need to fix. It is an administrative thing and you don’t care at all. I might not, either, but I started it long ago for reasons that probably didn’t make much sense then and probably mean less now. But I have it under control. For a time.

Also, I have added new images to the top and bottoms of the blog, here. As you might have noticed those are rotating images, built with a bit of code that offers the viewer a random image based on numerical sequence. Presently there are 81 headers and 81 footers. They all have varying heights and they are all 900 pixels wide. So I’m staying with this format for a long time, I suppose. I’ve been with this format for a good long while, as well.

I’ve been watching HBO-produced biopics. There was an Lyndon Johnson movie based on a play and then a two-parter on Winston Churchill that I’ve started. They are both interesting and probably have some accurate anecdotes, and they compress years of civics lessons into two-hour capsules. But try as I might, I see Anthony Mackie and Frank Langella rather than Rev. Martin Luther King and Sen. Richard Russell. Bryan Cranston fills out LBJ pretty well.

But I don’t know that you can really portray LBJ’s in a PG environment. The trailer was really good, I felt, so I watched it. The movie was worth seeing if you like political pieces or period pieces. There were a few really quite powerful moments. I think it captured the best parts of the worst parts of a hard, challenging time.

Stephen Root was J. Edgar Hoover. He is great in everything and there’s one little moment he has that nods at all of the things the cinematic audience we’ve learned about Hoover in recent years. Which makes me think of this in much the same way as we do comic book universes. Except, of course, this was real life. The most fake thing was the makeup they put on poor Josh Lyman to try to turn him into Hubert Humphrey. Should have spent more time on that.

I was half-listening to the Churchill story (turns out this is a BBC-HBO co-produced project) when I heard Lena Headey. Nothing takes you out of the 1940s like an accidental Game of Thrones reference. The problem is that these sorts of films always come off as cartoonish, either in a harsh way or in a soft focus, after school special sort of way:

I’ve been running indoors. Someone left the door open and Canada is cooling all of outdoors so we’ve been at the track. The track is a fine three-lane affair. Eight laps to a mile, only slightly better paces. It is made from special grade painful cement designed to hurt old joints, I think. But it looks like this outside:


So it is a trade off. Eighteen miles in the last couple of days. And now it’ll be a few more days before I set off again. Hopefully outside, where my stride is sometimes better.

The nicest part about being inside, after avoiding hypothermia, I mean, is that my running app can’t cope. For the first three miles or so it things I’m running at a world class pace. I am not running at a world class pace. Also, it thinks this is my course:


That is not my course. My app is just going through a modern art phase. It takes no time at all to imagine that is an aggressive effort.

Oct 16

Have a look at my Friday

Right away you can tell this is a beautiful campus. I’ve seen my fair of attractive ones, but Indiana’s is one handsome place. It is hard to pick the best spot because there are many strong candidates. Today, however, this is my favorite spot on campus:

That’s a little stand of trees right next to our building, in Dunn Meadow. The picture itself is also presently the emergency backup version of the front page of my site.

Oh yes, my site. Have I told you about the page? This week I’ve redesigned it entirely. Give it a look, won’t you?

If you’re on a real browser you’ll see a video. If you’re viewing it on your phone or pad, you’ll see the above picture as the background. What I like most about it is that I can change it easily and regularly. So, more visual, more video.

This evening, the work continues in my home office. This project will never get done. I have a good helper, though:

She might also be why the work goes slowly.

Sep 16

On the road

Saw this flier today. Well sure, I thought to myself:

I must say this: there are no lame cat fliers full of typos all over the bulletin boards here. That, in its own way, is just another small relief.

We are traveling this weekend, to Georgia. For a wedding. A wedding in the Deep South in the fall on a Saturday. Georgia and Tennessee are playing in a rivalry game. I don’t care about either team, of course, but given the locale of the wedding, it might come up among the many lovely guests.

Here’s my rule: If you think enough of me to invite me to your wedding, and it is on a fall Saturday, I will attend if I can. No football game would get in the way of that. I will also make fun of you about it throughout your wedded bliss.

So that’s what we’ll be doing tomorrow, which meant traveling today. Which meant the road, which meant dinner on the road which meant, in Nashville, Tennessee:

And today is Friday which means Friday is Pie Day:

Interesting tidbit, meanwhile, about Bloomington: You can’t get pie anywhere.

Sep 16

Catember, Day 15